September 2020 Newsletter

: LaMora Simpson



Happy September!
We finished August with our annual business meeting. It was well attended and held at Delta Blues Winery courtesy of Jerry Michie. Karen Mora did her usual job of great planning, and providing some fun door prizes. Barbara Baker brought our bar and Paola High provided the decorations. Greg Maski, Julie Eaves and others provided pictures for a slide show of our recent Ennead good times. We had music in the background provided by David Kelley. LaMora Simpson provided our PowerPoint presentation and made all the technical stuff work. My thanks to all who helped make this meeting a success. Some information was shared and we had an opportunity to socialize with our members.

It is with great sorrow to report that Ennead lost two former members this past month . Lelaine Cleaves, and Charles Boone. Lelaine was a relatively recent member and was always a joy to be around. Charles Boone was a longtime member, huge Ennead supporter, former board member, and past king. We will greatly miss them both.

As everything seems to slowly chug along and we are not having as many opportunities to share each other’s fellowship, it looks as though our pandemic is beginning to slow down (I sure hope so!). I hear that many people are beginning to get together in small groups for mini wine tastings, game nights, and book clubs. So, you will likely see some of Ennead’s smaller groups start to offer some activities like these in September. In addition, September Young will have some announcements regarding ‘Pop-Up’ venues that will be fun to attend, so be sure to watch for those. Some of the upcoming ‘Pop-Up’s’ are Chihuly at Cheekwood in Nashville on September 18th, a Wednesday Bike Ride on September 30th, a visit to the historical ‘Old Mill’ in Little Rock on October 27th, and Wednesday November 4th a Elmwood Cemetery Harvest Victory Scavenger Hunt (this should be peak fall color!). All of it sounds like a great time, just keep in mind to stay safe.

If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for
most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.

September Birthdays

Julie Eaves             09/06
September Young 09/07
Paola High             09/12
Barbara Baker      09/19
Larry Rice              09/21