May 2020 Newsletter

: LaMora Simpson


May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.     

Fennel Hudson

Well, I must confess, I was not even going to write a letter this month. I am so tired of this Covid stuff!! Sometimes one thinks it will never end. The reports of increasing cases disappoints, and then hope shines forth as it seems, just maybe, the numbers are declining. Well, the government as of yesterday is still saying no gatherings larger than 10 people, but let’s be optimistic. They have opened hair salons, and I think restaurants with restrictions for those brave souls who wish to test the water. If it turns out, like some experts say, the peak is about past, maybe… just maybe, life can begin a slow return to normal. I’m not sure it will ever be as before, because it is so hard to put the genie back in to the lamp once freed.

However, if this light that seems to be shining at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train, we would like to propose an overdue get together for Enneadians. Jerry Michie has offered us the use of Delta Blues Winery on Sunday, June 14th from 6 pm to 10 pm. Karen Mora and Jerry worked on providing music, food and Ennead will purchase a case of Delta Blues great wine, cider and beer. Jerry has plenty of room for maintaining social distancing if it is still required or one feels more comfortable doing so. This would give us all a time to become reacquainted and a good time to invite potential new members to join in our fellowship.

Because none of our crystal balls are perfect and we don’t know what the future holds, Dottie Crihfield has agreed to send out an Evite to help us plan on the necessary food and beverages, so we need you to be sure and reply to it… If we do not get at least a commitment of 15 Enneadians by June 1st committing to come and a release from government restrictions on public gatherings, we will postpone the event, so please help us plan by a response.

As a side note:

I have been told by some members that plan on attending, that Neil’s Grill and Bar, 5727 Quince has free music, 2pm to 6pm on Sunday in the parking lot. Waitresses will be serving food and drink upon request. Just bring your lawn chair to maintain social distancing.

I think you all feel as I do and greatly miss our comradery. Please reach out to one another and stay in touch. Stay Well and Stay Strong!

“When April steps aside for May, like diamonds all the rain-drops glisten; fresh violets open every day: to some new bird each hour we listen.” — Lucy Larcom



Camilla Wilson   May 6
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Jack Taylor          May 22
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