April 2020 Newsletter

: LaMora Simpson


April is the kindest month. April gets you out of your head and out working in the garden.”
― Marty Rubin

Gosh, where do I begin??? I hope I never see times like these again! (a good start, I think) I hope everyone is well and this miasma soon passes. Prudence (and society) dictates that we isolate ourselves as much as possible from physical interaction. While this is not my or your idea of fun, it is necessary for now. I have made a few and received some welcoming phone calls that lift my spirits from my fellow Enneadians. While we cannot seem to hug or shake hands, maybe this is a great time to reach out with other communication methods to: stay in touch, create deeper conversations, check on the health of a friend, and do a little self-examination or contemplation. If you are at home, maybe now is the time to plant that garden you’ve wanted. I’m not sure of all the opportunities available, but I am sure they are there if one looks.

Carnival Memphis has made the decision to postpone all remaining 2020 Carnival activities until 2021.  See the letter below from Carnival Memphis on April 17.

After discussions between the Board and the Royal Court, our Court has agreed to continue to represent us through out this ‘extended’ season.  All other Krewes and Carnival Memphis Royalty have agreed to this plan.  While this provides us answers to the short term questions about 2020 Carnival Week, the Krewes will have to work out the details when our ability to reconnect returns.

As for now, all of our Ennead events continue to be canceled. Please reach out to one another and stay in touch. Stay Well and Stay Strong!

While there is a real urgency for caution, there is also an overwhelming urgency for calm. My greatest concern is that the driving force of this pandemic may cause those who have no signs or symptomology to develop other chronic fears, anxieties and medical conditions. Heightened fears and anxieties will not make you feel safer. Compulsive and impulsive purchases will not protect you from the virus. It is important that you take care of your physical and mental health. Follow what your state and county are advising you to do. The sky is not falling and life will return to normal. The most prudent thing that people can do at this time, is to take commonsense approaches to reduce your risk of exposure.”
― Asa Don Brown

Statement from Carnival Memphis
April 17, 2020


Dear Carnival Family,
Like all of you, we have closely monitored the situation with COVID-19. Since our last email in March, there have been many changes happening in our community, nation and world. We continue to listen to guidance from infectious disease experts, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization, and our city and state leaders. We are and will always be committed to the safety, health, and well-being of the Carnival Memphis and Mid-South communities.
With this in mind, the Executive Committee of Carnival Memphis has decided that all 2020 Carnival related events will be re-scheduled in 2021. The Carnival and Grand Krewe royalty will continue to serve thru 2021 and we will support our three great children’s charities Boy Scouts Scouting DesertsRedZone Ministries and Thrive Memphis. You will also be interested in knowing that we will host some very special events for our 2020 Royal Court Princesses over the holiday season.
During the last 89 years, Carnival Memphis and our community have survived world wars, national tragedies, and economic uncertainties. We will survive this national pandemic as well.
We hope and pray that you and those near to you remain healthy, and we are grateful for your understanding and continued involvement. Thank you for your support of Carnival Memphis, 89 Years of Charity, Community, Commerce and Celebration.
Very truly yours,
The Carnival Memphis Executive Committee



Pam Vaughn           4/3
Duncan Ragsdale  4/4
Tim Coggin             4/13
Karen Mora            4/13