March 2020 Newsletter

: LaMora Simpson







February, is it true? Can you be gone so soon? This time we even had an extra day and the time just flew by.

Our Krewe made good use of the allowed time by Sandra Shinault working hard to organize and gather the donations for our major charity event of the year ‘Krewes for Kids’. Please let’s all try support this worthy cause and let other Krewes know how generous Enneadians are. The event will be held on April 4th, at Memphis Zoo Zambezi River. This should be a fun venue and all kinds of exciting and wonderful things will be available for purchase at the silent auction. I hope everyone plans on attending and tickets can be purchased for $100. There is usually a contest for what krewe purchases the most tickets, and we would like to win! Contact Sandra Shinault and she will point you in the right direction to purchase yours.

The Carnival Coronations continued in February and our Royalty and fellow Enneadians have represented us well. We had a great time as we attended Sphinx, Ramet (thank you Barbara Baker for hosting the pre-party) and Luxor’s (thank you Ellen Patrick for hosting the pre-party) events. The music, food, pomp and circumstance were all exciting. Our event schedule, as usual, was pretty full and an opportunity for every Enneadian to find a happy place. We started off our month with a fun Super Bowl Party hosted by Karen Mora. Then we had a ‘Pop Up Movie Event’ ‘Parasite’ organized by Paula Bowman. Our ‘Happy Hour’ gathering at NAPA coordinated by Hedda Schwartz was celebrated on the 7th, followed by ‘Dance at the Shrine’ organized by Camilla Wilson on the 9th . We had BTTS tryouts at Karen Mora’s on the 10th and Book Club at LaMora’s on the 11th. Our Wine Party host did a great job on Valentine’s Day with a warm setting decorated very ‘in season’. A Special thanks goes out to Rick Lloyd for making that possible. Rummikub was at one of our newest returning member’s home , John Flannigan on the 17th. We had another ‘Pop Up’ movie by Paula on the 18th, and Dinner Group at Mollie’s La Casita on the 20th organized by Steve Grushkin. Mardi Gras at Owen Brennen’s on the 25th, Poker on the 26th by September Young, and Ladies’ Night on the 27th hosted by Jean Oliver (with a special guest appearance by Anne Manning!). Whew! What a large calendar for a small month. I believe there is no other organization in our community that offers so many opportunities. This is a real testimony to how wonderful our organizers and hosts are. Thanks cannot be expressed enough!

This month we look forward to the continuing coronations of Phoenix and Ptolomy. There is also our St Patrick’s Day parade being organized. It will be Saturday March 14th. David Kelley has arranged for us to borrow the Shrine float and we will meet at 10 am before the parade in the parking lot located on Beale Street between Danny Thomas and 4th to enjoy each other company while we decorate the float. Some of us have purchased beads for throws and are willing to share. We are making arrangements to have a ‘Porta-Potty’ on site (did I hear a HIP! HIP!) Potential members and guests of members are welcome if room allows. The only restriction is, please no one under the age of 21. Steve Crocker has graciously offered to pull our float with his truck. Later this month we have the Queen Bees Wine and Cheese party at Sheffields and Phoenix Karoke to look forward too. So start singing those Do Ra Mi’s!

As far as business goes, I am pleased to announce passage of the change to our by-laws as published a month ago in regards to Alumnus Membership. Hopefully, this will be another growth opportunity for Ennead.

March is the month that we start to prepare our Membership Directory. At the bottom of each weekly blast you will find a link which will allow to change your contact information.  If you would like a new picture, please send it digitally to LaMora Simpson ( no later than March 30th to be included in the new publication. Happy March!

Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March, that month of wind and taxes, the wind will presently disappear, the taxes last us all the year.

Ogden Nash


If you don’t know what BTTS is all about, ask a member that has participated and join with your fellow Enneadeans in all manner of opportunities!

News on Proposed changes to By-Laws

The Board of Directors, approved the following changes at the March 3rd Board Meeting.

ARTICLE III – Section 2:  … Any member who marries during the current year, may remain a member with all rights and privileges of membership during that year. At the end of said current year, the membership will NOT automatically terminate, BUT shall transition to an Alumni membership.
ARTICLE III – Section 5: 
GENERAL MEMBERS: Shall have and enjoy all rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote, the right to membership on the Board of Directors, and the right to hold office.  Any member who moves outside a 150 mile radius of Memphis may be retained as a member, but be subject to a reduced annual membership, as determined by the Board of Directors.

ALUMNI MEMBERS: Shall be or have been General members who have married.  Spouses of Alumni members are required to apply for membership as Alumni members if not currently a General or Alumni member.  Alumni members shall have and enjoy all rights and privileges of membership, except the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors or the Royal Court.  Alumni members may serve on committees and are allowed to vote.  A former General member applying for re-admission as an Alumnus shall be subject to the same requirements as those for new applicants.    ___________________________________



Ellen Patrick               03/03
Barbara Beem            03/07
John Flanigan             03/16
Charles Humphreys  03/17
Hedda Schwartz        03/28