February 2020 Newsletter

: LaMora Simpson



“I’m a little groundhog, it’s my day.
Wake and stretch, go out and play.
Down in my burrow, down so deep,
Time to wake, from my long winter’s sleep.

“Oh the places you will go!” What a great theme for Ennead in the New Year! We congratulate our 2019 royalty Queen Carol Wasielewski, King Steve Grushkin, Duchesses Karen Mora, Diane Davis, and Carol McCourt, and Dukes:  David Brockmann, Greg Maski on a job well done. We welcome our 2020 royal court of Queen Jere Girard, King Duncan Ragsdale, Grand Duchess Barbara Baker, Duchesses Sandra Shinault, and Paula Bowman, and Flagman Steve Grushkin. I may be prejudiced, I think no one will have a better coronation than ours! There was a great location, good food, good music with The Memphis Funk-N-Horns, and the decorations provided with all the help of krewe members and headed up by Paola High were a sight to see. Special thanks goes to Ellen Patrick and Paola High for their great job being our Masters of Ceremony for this event. Thanks goes to all who made this success possible.
Our small groups continued in January starting with the Shrine Dance on the 5th organized by Camilla Wilson, Wine Party hosted by Karen Mora’s on the 10th, Rummikub on the 20th hosted by Vickie Carwell, Ladies Night at Moondance hosted by Sally Gentry, Poker on the 28th hosted by September Young, and Dinner Group on the 30th hosted by Steve Grushkin. We also welcome a new Happy Hour Coordinator, Hedda Schwartz! Thanks to all who made this possible and to John Goodyear by helping coordinate the planning that makes it work. Many of our membership had the opportunity to attend the Ptah Coronation on the 28th and a good time was had by all.
The first month of Carnival season has just finished, but there is much, much more coming. Coronations are happening almost every weekend coming up. Join with us as we support the other Krewes and most importantly the childrens charities chosen this year of Scouting Deserts, Redstone Ministries, and Thrive Memphis. I hope to see everyone participating in these events to come….

“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”
–  Dr. J. R. Stockton

The first one is Monday, February 10, 6:30PM at Karen Mora’s home.
If you don’t know what BTTS is all about, ask a member that has participated and join with your fellow Enneadeans in all manner of opportunities!

Proposed changes to By-Laws

The Board of Directors, after numerous meetings of the Membership Committee, submits the following strategy to increase our membership:
The Grand Krewe of Ennead was initially created to provide an organization specifically for single adults. Throughout its 29+ years of existence, the number of members has changed annually.  In current years, we have been struggling to find suitable singles to join our Krewe.  And, on the negative side, once an Ennead member married, or moved out of town, their membership was lost, as well.A large number of our members have been in Ennead for many years and have developed strong, personal relationships.  Developing these relationships was a key component to joining Ennead; however, once the members’ marital status changed, the member no longer conformed with the membership eligibility requirements and they left (usually to join another Krewe).  This is why we are proposing a change in the membership eligibility to include an Alumni of past Ennead members who were forced out under these bylaws.  However, it should be noted that persons who are currently married and have never been an Ennead member and want to join Ennead, would not be eligible.

Because we want to remain, specifically, a “singles” Krewe, an Alumni member would be restricted from holding office or being a member of the Royal Court.  Their dues would be the same as a General membership.

As an additional proposed change, any member who moves at least 150 miles away from Memphis can retain membership at a discounted rate.  The Board of Directors approved that any member satisfying this distance would pay an annual fee of $250.  This amount would cover the expenses associated with the four major events, “Coronation, Halloween, Christmas Gala, and Club Room”.

Because this is a major change in our eligibility, the membership is allowed  at least 30 days to review and submit any questions, concerns or comments.  Please respond with your comments to – pqhigh@gmail.com
At the conclusion of the 30-day notice,  the following proposed changes to the bylaws’ membership eligibility will be voted upon by the Board. If the vote passes, the amended version of the by-laws will be made available in the Members Only section of our Website and, in written form, as shown below.

ARTICLE III – Section 2:  … Any member who marries during the current year, may remain a member with all rights and privileges of membership during that year. At the end of said current year, the membership will NOT automatically terminate, BUT shall transition to an Alumni membership.
ARTICLE III – Section 5: 
GENERAL MEMBERS: Shall have and enjoy all rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote, the right to membership on the Board of Directors, and the right to hold office.  Any member who moves outside a 150 mile radius of Memphis may be retained as a member, but be subject to a reduced annual membership, as determined by the Board of Directors.

ALUMNI MEMBERS: Shall be or have been General members who have married.  Spouses of Alumni members are required to apply for membership as Alumni members if not currently a General or Alumni member.  Alumni members shall have and enjoy all rights and privileges of membership, except the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors or the Royal Court.  Alumni members may serve on committees and are allowed to vote.  A former General member applying for re-admission as an Alumnus shall be subject to the same requirements as those for new applicants.    ___________________________________


Tara Bodansky
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On-Line Directories and Photo Gallery
Remember, there is an up-to-date online directory on the “Members Only” portion of our website (www.Ennead.info) AND you can now also view and download photos from our Photo Gallery.

If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact our Ennead Webmaster, LaMora Simpson for help.  Ennead.Webmaster@gmail.com or lamorajune@gmail.com or (901) 485-2767.


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