2019 November Newsletter

: LaMora Simpson

“My lovely November,
Have you seen my heart, somewhere in your castle of yellow leaves?”
― A Waltz for Zizi

November gives us a moment to think back upon our year to date.  Reflections that bring memories of good times and fellowship with good friends.

As we reflect on the month of October, the Ennead Halloween party was a great example of Ennead’s good times. The food, libations, and music by Memphis Funk provided a wonderful atmosphere for all to enjoy. A great success!  Special thanks goes to the coordinator, Karen Mora, the Decorations chair, Paola High, Registration committee chair, Marty Alberg and her helpers, David Kelley for setting up the sound system, Ed Wallace and Barbara Baker for handling the Ennead Bar, Steve Crocker for our photo opportunity and all the many people of Ennead who came and helped with setting everything up and cleaning up afterwards (I hope I left no one out).  We had a good turn out by our membership and over 20 guests to this event.  Please note that Greg Maski who takes many of the photos at our events has asked that everyone please forward any additional pictures you may have taken to him and they will be included in our online photo album that has been added to Ennead.info website.  (You can also download pictures from that site to share with others).

As to other happenings in October:  Our Cultural Arts Leader, Bill McMurtry organized Julius Caesar by the Tennessee Shakespeare Company, Happy Hour celebration at Knifebird on Central Ave was organized by Jim Sharpe, the dance group headed by Camilla Wilson met at the Shrine, Peggy Edwards hosted our Book Club,  Steve Grushkin headed up our Dinner Group at Bayou Grille, a second Cultural Arts Activity organized by Stacey Montgomery where the Broadway hit “Cats” was enjoyed, and Poker was hosted by September Young.  Our Wine Party this month was exceptional as our host, Edith Caywood, also provided live music by Joe Oser.  We had a great turnout with many guest and potential new members I hope everyone got a chance to meet.  Rummikub game night was hosted by Vickie Carwell and we finished up the month for our regular events with Sally Gentry’s leadership for the Ladies Night at Hog and Hominy. A special thanks goes out to those who shared their time and homes to make it all possible.  Once again John Goodyear did a great job organizing our small groups and LaMora Simpson kept us all informed of our events and happenings through our email Blasts and newsletter.  Thank you all, you are what makes this group a success!!

The Carnival Memphis annual business meeting will be held Monday, November 18th, 6:30 PM at the Hunt and Polo Club.  It would be wonderful if Enneadians would show support of Carnival Memphis by joining.  The cost for our Krewe members is discounted to only $50 and can be purchased at the annual meeting or online at the Carnival Memphis website.  The children’s charities selected for the coming year are: Boy Scouts of America/Scouting Deserts, THRIVE, and Red Zone. Toward that same effort was Luxor’s Boo Bowling the last weekend in October, where Ennead was well represented by our Royalty team led by Carol Wasielewski.

Remember to check the Events Calendar at Ennead.info for all the upcoming November happenings!!  A special event to be looking forward to this month is November 9th.  Ennead is hosting a Fall Party being held at the Delta Blues Winery in Lakeland. Jerry Michie has made this wonderful venue available to us at no cost!  This will be a great party to invite potential new members to attend.  Ennead will provide Hot Dogs, and we are asking our membership to bring sides and your beverage of choice with you. Wine, beer, and cider will be available for purchase at the winery also.  And…. Remember to bring a funny story or joke to share at the bon-fire.

Please keep in mind Jim Sharpe and Ann Manning who are still recovering from recent surgeries.  We also sadly remember the passing of our fellow Enneadian, Ms. Judith Johnstone… She will be missed by all.

  • Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.  Edward Sandford Martin

    Hope to see you all at our Fall Party!

Please be sure to RSVP to your Thanksgiving Potluck Punchbowl Invitation and indicate what you will bring so our “planners” can PLAN YOU AN AMAZING POTLUCK!



Please welcome these folks back to Ennead!


Sponsor: Richard Raichelson



Sponsor: Richard Raichelson

On-Line Directories and Photo Gallery

We just had  our directory delivered and it is already missing our new members!
Remember, there is an up-to-date online directory on the “Members Only” portion of our website (www.Ennead.info) AND you can now also view and download photos from our Halloween Party.

If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact our Ennead Webmaster, LaMora Simpson for help.  Ennead.Webmaster@gmail.com or lamorajune@gmail.com or (901) 485-2767.


Jean      Oliver    2-Nov

Don Harants       16-Nov

Ivan Rich Jr.        22-Nov

Jere Gerard        29-Nov