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July 2019 Edition
: Jim Sharpe

                                 From your Chairman


It’s that time again where we present new candidates for the new board. We have a wonderful group of candidates ready to take on the task of running our grand Krewe of Ennead. I present to you the following Candidates and there biography.


John GoodYear

I have been in Ennead for 19 years and during that period, I have been on the board three times and the court three times; twice as Duke and once as King.  I would like to serve again and offer this as my background.  I grew up in Kenilworth, Ill (Chicago).  I went off to college but it didn’t take so I was drafted.  I finished up my four years as an A team commander in Special Forces.  When I got out, I completed college graduating “oh lordy”.  I then worked for Federated Dept Stores (Macy’s) in three divisions and the corporate office as an asst store manager, buyer, training director, national compensation director, and general manager of the downtown Goldsmith’s store.  After retailing wore me out, I ran my own small business for 20 plus years.  I am an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church and at Germantown, I have served on the session twice, heading at various times, the personnel committee, congregation activities committee and Johnchildcare. My wife is deceased and I have one daughter and one grand daughter (9).

Paola High

I was born in a small town just north of Venice, Italy many decades ago and became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1965.  All my education has been in Memphis, which has been enhanced by achieving a lifetime certification as a professional in Human Resources.  I started my HR career at Fedx in 1978.  I earned the coveted Five Star Award which is given annually to the top 1% in each division.  After taking the first FedEx buyout in 2005, I worked my magic as a recruitment specialist for Pinnacle Airlines, Smith & Nephew, Evergreen Packaging and Bioventus.  All of this prepared me for my ultimate resting place at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare until my retirement in 2014. I was selected as an Ennead Executive Board Member in 2015 and served as the Secretary for the next 2 years.  In 2016, I was selected to be a Dutchess.  In 2019, I returned as Secretary in a six month temporary assignment and also served as the Decorating Chairman.    I am running for the Board so that I can continue to participate and offer my services to this wonderful social organization which has gained me many friendships.  I have attended many functions, participated in BTTS and Karaoke contests and was hostess for many wine parties and two Kentucky Derby parties.  Together we are better, and it would be an honor to serve on the 2019-2021 Board seasons .

Barbara Baker

I have been a member of Ennead since my divorce in the early 2000’s. I didn’t know how to be single again after being married for 27 years, didn’t know how to find a dance partner, and certainly not how to date or hang out and flirt. My sister and I were single at the same time (her husband died) and both of us joined Ennead after meeting some of the members wearing Halloween costumes and having way too much fun.While my sister found the man of her dreams (an Ennead member himself) and got married, I found a home with Ennead. I have been lucky enough to have been on the Royal Court (Duchess and Queen), on the Board (Vice chairman and secretary), planned the Coronation for many years, and served on just about every committee Ennead has thought up over the last 15 years. Wine parties in my garden have always been a fun way to catch up with my friends.To pay my bills and support my dogs, I have had a career as a wound care nurse and clinical specialist for several large medical device companies and currently manage the wound and ostomy clinic at St. Francis. Retirement in not in the cards.So why do I want to be on the board again? Ennead is a Carnival Krewe and owes a strong allegiance to the fund raising efforts for the Children’s Charities, but it is also a haven for middle aged singles that need a place to meet new friends, have a place to hang on Friday nights, and serve as a surrogate family in times of need. And if those singles meet the love of their life and want to continue with their friends in Ennead, is that the worse that can happen? Ennead must evolve and find new ways to stay fresh and fun. Otherwise who wants to join… or rejoin? The board for 2019-2021 will have some tough decisions to make on how best to balance the financial goals with continuing the fun social events we are famous for.  I want to be part of ensuring Ennead survives and grows for the next 15 years.  Please vote for me.


Richard Raichelson

It is my honor to have been given the opportunity to run for the Ennead board. Ennead has been important to me and a wonderful support group. It also provides a link to a wider social network, representing something of value and hope for the greater Memphis community –  Krewes for Kids. After joining Ennead in 2007, it was my honor to be chosen as a Duke in 2009 and as King in 2012.Previously, I served on the 2009-2010 and the 2016-2017 boards of Ennead, and was chairman in 2017. In the past, it was my privilege to serve on four other boards. For three years, I was president of Stars, a local volunteer organization, and for seven president of the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors.My background is academic, a teacher at the university level, and an historian and writer. I have produced records and exhibits, prepared CD liner notes, composed many songs, play the piano, and have written or have been photography editor of five books. Sine 1999, I have been involved with Road Scholar (Elderhostel) in lecturing about Music of the South.My belief is that Ennead needs to have, as a significant part of its objectives, well-planned yearly events that serve to attract new members and to maintain its current membership level. In turn, this will financially sustain our organization. Thank you for your consideration.


Charles Humphreys

It is an honor to be asked to run for a member of the Ennead Board of Directors. I have been a member of Ennead since 2011 and during this time I have tried to support and participate in as many projects and events as I could (it is such a rewarding experience). I have served as an Ennead Duke in 2013,  Flagman in 2014, and King in 2017.My background information is: BBA earned from Memphis State in 1975.  I have worked in the hvac industry since 1970.  My father was in it and I guess the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  I have served as our company CEO since 1986 and continue to do so today.  I serve on two advisory boards for local vo-tech schools, William R Moore School of Technology and Northwest Mississippi Community College. Ennead is a wonderful organization of kind, interesting people that I was fortunate enough to be introduced to. It made a positive change in my life.  The good thing about it is that we get to help others while we enjoy each other’s company.  I am proud to associate with, in my opinion, what is the best Grand Krewe in Carnival Memphis. I would be honored to serve on its board if elected.  Thank you for your consideration.

Dottie Crihfield

After actively becoming a member of Ennead in it’s infancy,  I served on various committees, such as Membership, Decorating, Registration, Tennis and Sunshine.  I have hosted many Ennead events in my home and continue to do so. I have been a Duchess, Chairman of the Board and Queen of our Royal Court in 2017.  I was instrumental in helping to organize the Ennead 20th year reunion. I have previously served on the Board and feel that I can bring  experience as well as a certain VIBRANT energy to encourage members and prospects to participate and see the benefits of being in Ennead…… A way to have fun AND to give back to the community. After starting my business, LOVELY LAWNS, 28 years ago I continue to take on new specialties so that it has become the successful multifaceted business it is today, which does Digital Design, Landscaping, Sprinklers, Water Features and Nightscaping.  I presently enjoy running the day to day operation which deals with people, sales, budgeting, material acquisition, billing and labor management. Our board is the guiding hand that keeps the standards high in Ennead.


Peggy Edwards

I have been a member of Ennead for twelve years and was honored to serve as a Duchess on  the 2012 Royal Court as well as the Board of Directors during the same year.  Over the twelve years of membership, it has been my pleasure to  host wine parties, meetings, game nights, and Book Club in my home. These events allowed me to get to know our membership on a more personal basis. Also, for two years I hosted our monthly Dinner Group at different venues around the Memphis area.  I have participated in BTTS several times and helped to decorate many functions. Just as our world is changing, Ennead must change with the times while continuing to keep our values and many of our honored traditions.  It is important that Ennead moves forward and faces the challenges in order to continue to be a relevant organization to its current and prospective members. It would be an honor for me to serve as Board member and work hard for our wonderful Krewe! 
Jim Sharpe

I have been in Ennead for 5 years, During my time I have been on 3 boards(2019 serving as a replacement). I have been in royalty in 2017 as a Duke, and 2019 as Flagman. I have served as happy hour coordinator, Entertainment chairman this year. I also have been responsible for the website , blast, and directory for 2019. A little bit about myself I am a graduate of The University of Memphis with my bachelors, and Masters, and Also an Associate degree from State Technical Institute of Memphis. I am an IT professional, holding 2 patents for one of my employers, member of Centers of Excellence, receiving several Technical achievers awards along the way. It would be my honor to work on the board of Ennead.

Ennead Annual Meeting

August 11,  6pm  Halle Plantation clubhouse

2490 Dibrell Trail drive

Proposed By law change: Article X Second sentence”…and the Queen-elect may appoint a Grand Duchess who has previously served as a Queen, Duchess or Princess on any court.

Please Note The board has agreed to eliminate Dukes in the short term as recommended by the Royalty committee. This does not require a change to the by laws as Duke’s are optional.

New Prospective Members



September Young

Hugh Young, my dad,  helped launch The Grand Krewe of Ennead in 1991, and I’ve followed in his footsteps hosting soirees, dinner parties, black tie galas, and was the (unpaid) Events coordinator for Hope Singles for 10 years.  As one of the first to join STARS (1999?), I’ve hosted many volunteer events at my home and get a real sense of purpose when I’m involved in helping those in need.  Being single my entire life, and a previous singles magazine publisher for over 12 years, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many in this group for more than 31 years. I own Curls by September hair salon, enjoy ballroom dancing, kayaking and I love the sound of laughter, good music and clinking of wine glasses toasting in my back yard. My lake house is open for a party anytime.  I really look forward to actively participating and offering my talents to this most awesome social organization. I love that the Grand Krewe of Ennead is giving back to my community, and I will contribute my time and talents to ensure my father’s legacy lives on.


Rick LLoyd

I have lived in Blytheville Ar, Memphis, Tn, Phoenix Az, and now live in Collierville Tn. I work for Grand Canyon University as an online professor and as a Nurse Practitioner in Bartlett Tn. I have 3 children and 4 grand children. I enjoy family time, music, dancing, sports, and wine.

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered a member of Grand Krewe of Ennead.







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