Royal Court 2017

“In the Celtic Garden”

Front row:  Queen Dottie Crihfield, King Charles Humphreys
Back row l-r;  Bernie Krock, Flagman; Ed Wallace, Duke; Connie Spencer, Duchess; Jim Sharpe, Duke; Teresa Turman, Duchess; Richard Raichelson, Chairman; Sally Gentry, Duchess; Don Davis, Duke

The tradition of selecting a Royal Court began with the Cotton Carnival and has continued throughout the years not only with Carnival Memphis but with the other Grand Krewes as well. Each Krewe has its own Royal Court and each court consists of a different makeup.  A new Court is selected each year and serves for one year.  They serve as ambassadors for their Krewe for the entire year, but the most active time is during Carnival Season which lasts from January until June.

Ennead’s Royal Court consists of:

  • Queen
  • King
  • Duchesses (3)
  • Dukes (3)
  • Royal Flagman

Collectively, the Ennead Royal Court, along with the Chairman of the Board, represents the Krewe at all official Carnival Memphis functions and other matters as required and specified by the Board.