2018 SEP Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
September 2018 Edition
: Jim Sharpe

                                 From your Chairman

Greetings! The month started off with our Annual Meeting August 4th at Halle’s Plantation. We would like to welcome our new Board members, Karen Mora, Sandra Shinault, Ivan Rich & John Flanigan. It was a fun time with BarBQue, dancing to Eddie Harrison & Debbie Jamison plus a small awards ceremony giving special thanks to members that have stepped up & helped  make this a great year:

LaMora Simpson – Newsletter & Events Calendar

Ellen Patrick – Coronation Coordinator

Dottie Crihfield – Punchbowl

Paola High – Decorations

Carol Wasielewski – BTTS Direction

Karen Mora – BTTS Practice Venue

John Flanigan – New Small Group Activity: GoKarting

John Goodyear – Treasurer & Small Group Coordinator

On August 10th we ventured downtown to the Gray Canary for a fun Happy Hour. Then on the 13th Mike Lanthier opened up his Cordova home for Rummikab while on the 14th Peggy Edwards brought the Book Club together at her house for “Stranger in a Strange Land.” The 17th Sylvia Joure was gracious to invite us for a wine party in The Clubhouse @ Pecan Grove Condos, then on the 21st back to Mike’s for Poker night. We finished the month with the Dinner Group meeting at Pete & Sam’s for a great night of fellowship & laughter.

Looking forward to a fun Sept.

Board of Directors & Committee Chairs 2019

Connie Spencer – Chairman & Decorations Chair

Karen Mora – Vice Chair & Property Chair

Sandra Shinault – Treasurer

Teresa Turman – Secretary & Communications Chair

David Brockman – New Members Chair

John Flanigan – Entertainment Chair

Dottie Crihfield – Historian


Check the Events Calendar and your weekly blasts for Small Group Activities.




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