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July 2018 Edition
: LaMora Simpson

From your Chairman

June brought Carnival Week with events morning, noon, and night. This is the time when “Party with a Purpose” takes on new meaning. It all began on Friday, June 2, with Crown and Sceptre, an evening of formality and pageantry during which Carnival and Krewe Royalty were presented and the Boll Weevils engaged in merry mischief. Luncheons and Krewe Clubrooms filled the week, but the purpose of Carnival Memphis was best represented by the many visits to charities conducted by Carnival Royalty and by Carnival Care Day, held at Memphis Athletic Ministries, which was the setting for the announcement that $330,000 was raised for the three selected Memphis charities, the highest amount ever.
Ennead’s Clubroom, held in conjunction with Luxor, Ptah, and Sphinx, was themed “Bungle in the Jungle,” as the Hump Day Camel that has become our mascot visited the Memphis Zoo. Krewe members demonstrated their creativity by dressing in “Safari Cocktail” and danced the night away at the Botanic Gardens to the music of the Jerry Braxton Band. Many thanks to David Brockmann and his team for managing registration and to Paola High for decorating our “Life’s a Dance” tables. Rumor has it that the camel will be visiting Graceland next year so get your blue suede shoes ready!
Peggy Edwards was busy this month, hosting both Rummikub and Book Club. Poker players enjoyed the hospitality of Mike Lanthier, and Vickie Carwell shared her home and lovely pool area for our monthly wine party. Happy Hour was held at the historic 19 th Century Club, now Redfish, and the dinner group sampled Japanese fare at Sakura. The Ladies don’t officially meet in the summer, but Marty Alberg made her pool available one evening to those who wanted to escape the late June heat. Bill McMurtray organized an afternoon at the Dixon Gardens for Food Truck Friday. Once again, a fun-filled month!
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Ennead’s Annual Meeting, August 4 at Halle Plantation! The meeting at 5:30 is for members only, featuring election of the new Board, but guests are welcome after the meeting for barbeque and music by Eddie Harrison and Debbie Jamison. It will be a great opportunity for fellowship and fun as well as information sharing. Watch for your Punchbowl invitation!
We are approaching the end of the current Board year and the beginning of the next season of events under new leadership. Ennead offers many opportunities for fun and fellowship because members offer their time and talent to make our parties and small groups happen. Think about how YOU can contribute in the coming year to help keep Ennead the largest and most active Carnival krewe.
Stay cool and safe!

Nominees for Board of Directors

Karen Mora

My name is Karen Mora and I have been a member of Ennead for 2 ½ years.
I respect the tenants that Ennead was founded on, and I also believe that in order to thrive, there are times when discussions should be had about things we can do to remain relevant and exciting to prospective members. To that end, a plan needs to be formulated to recruit new people. I would like to work with like- minded members to see what we can do to make that happen.
I have served on the decorations committee for two years. I have hosted wine parties, Super Bowl parties, and have had so much fun having everyone at my place for BTTS activities. Snow, nor rain, nor dark of night have deterred us from our mission! And we all got to know each other a little better.
Serving on the Ennead Board of Directors would be an honor for me. I will strive to represent everyone equally, and I will remain open minded on any business brought before the Board.
Thank you.

Sandra Shinault

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in the town of Somerville, about 40 miles East of Memphis, the County Seat of Fayette County. Our mother was a native Memphian, hence we made frequent trips to Memphis. Our mother loved Cotton Carnival and was always excited when the King and Queen would come in on the barge. I graduated from Fayette County High School in Somerville and attended Gulf Park College in Long Beach, Mississippi.
My Dad was a first in the Super Market industry and I began working in that business at the age of nine (9) years when my Dad put a candy counter inside the supermarket, along with ice cream and my own cash register. I learned a lot about getting along with people at a very young age. That was an invaluable experience as I learned to deal with all types of people. Over the years, I worked in just about every aspect of the business, cutting up chickens by the 100s when we ran weekend specials, watching for shoplifters, filling in for checkers, etc.
After leaving the grocery business, I worked as Executive Assistant to Emmett Guy, President of National American Life Insurance Company of Baton Rouge and worked as a Legal Assistant for thirty years. I have served as President of several organizations such as Town and Country Garden Club, Corinth, Mississippi, Corinth United Methodist Women and United Methodist Women, New Albany District (4 years). I am a former Weight Watcher lecturer. I am presently in insurance sales and also a night Nanny, presently working with a set of twins.
I am the mother of five girls (Sherry, Bonnie, Cynthia, Samantha and Meg), grandmother of eleven. I am an animal lover. I have two puppies (miniature Schnauzer named Angel, and a Chihuahua named Ellie.
I am proud to say that I‘ve been a member of Ennead since 2014. I believe in what Ennead stands for, “Party with a Purpose.“ I love life and have many interests. Some of my hobbies are cooking, sewing, gardening, bird watching, traveling, knitting, dancing, and theatre. I believe the more you put into any organization or anything you do, the more you get out of it!
I would be greatly honored to serve on Ennead‘s board if I should be selected. My kindest regards to all, Sandra Elizabeth Shinault

John Flanigan

I am honored to have the opportunity to run for the Ennead board. I originally joined Ennead in 1997. I served as a Duke in the 2001 Ennead Royal Court and also served on the Board of Directors after that. I continued as a member for 10 years until 2007 when I relocated to Columbia, South Carolina to continue to pursue my career as a Quality Management Systems Consultant.
When I retired in May of 2016, I immediately began to plan to return to Memphis. I sold my home in Columbia and rented a small condo in Cordova in September of 2017. Upon moving here I immediately began efforts to rejoin Ennead, and did so before the end of the year. I missed our Krewe and all my Ennead friends and I am so glad to be back with my “Ennead family”! I
recently purchased a home here in Cordova which I will be fully moved into by August. Then let the party begin!
If elected to the Board I will strive to keep Ennead as alive and vibrant an organization as I remember it being 10 years ago, with a plethora of varied activities in addition to strictly carnival related functions. I believe that the most important issue before us is to keep Ennead thriving well into the future by actively attracting new members to join our family.

Ivan H. Rich

Ivan H Rich is Managing Director-Labor Relations for FedEx Freight, in the Legal Department at its Corporate Headquarters in Memphis. He is in charge of the formulation and directs the implementation of the company’s union avoidance program. Before joining FedEx Freight in 2008, Ivan represented major corporate clients in labor matters in both private practice and as in house counsel, including Marriott Corporation, Kroger, American Brands, Celanese and General Electric. He has argued cases before the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and D.C. Circuit Courts of Appeal as well as two oral Arguments before the full National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C. He has represented clients in hundreds of union organizing campaigns before virtually every Region of the NLRB, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
Ivan is a former Adjunct Professor of Labor Law at the University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law and is a frequent speaker before employer groups on labor matters. He is a native of Wichita, Kansas, a graduate of the University of Virginia, School of Law and a member of the Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida bars.


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Steve Crocker

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