2018 May Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
May 2018 Edition
: LaMora Simpson

From your Chairman

April flew by in a whirlwind of Carnival activities, culminating with Krewes for Kids, the year’s major fundraiser to support children’s charities. Thanks to Pat McWilliams for serving on the K4K planning committee, and to all members who donated time, money, and/or auction items for this worthwhile initiative.

Phoenix Karaoke and Black Tie and Tennis Shoes were the other major fundraising events held in April, and Ennead was well represented in both. Your Royal Court placed second in the group category for Karaoke! Although our skit didn’t place in the BTTS competition, we had a great time planning and rehearsing and were proud of our efforts. Thanks to Carol Wasielewski and LaMora Simpson for their leadership, to Karen Mora for once again providing space for us to gather and practice, and to all who maypole danced, waltzed, relived the go-go, and brushed up on skills with the walker. When all else fails…WHY DON’T WE JUST DANCE?

I hope you have all signed up by now for the Kroger Community Rewards Program (see the most recent Blast for details). This is an easy way for Ennead to participate in raising funds for the children’s charities identified each year by Carnival Memphis and, in fact, Ennead is taking a leadership role in encouraging all krewes to participate.

As I pause in the midst of a calendar filled with Carnival activities, I want to take time to thank our Royal Court once again for representing Ennead so well this year. We all celebrate Ennead Royalty at Coronation, and the Krewe supports their participation in other coronations and required functions, but each member of the Court commits a great deal of personal time, energy, and money to Ennead during their royal year. Please let Queen Jean Oliver; King David Kelley; Duchesses Liza Monaghan, Lucy Ridley, and Carol Wasielewski; Dukes Don Davis, Don Dodson, and Ivan Rich; and Flagman Steve Grushkin know that they make us proud!

And Ennead’s monthly activities still happen around all the Carnival events, thanks to masterful organization by John Goodyear! Russo’s NY Pizza was the location for April’s Happy Hour, Acre and Seasons 52 for the Dinner Group and Ladies Night, respectively. A large group enjoyed this month’s wine party at the home and garden of Barbara Baker, and Poker was hosted by John Goodyear. Be sure to check the events calendar on our website each month (ennead.info) to be sure you don’t miss anything!

Just a peek at coming events:

  • Teresa Turman, this year’s Secretary and Communications Chair, has been hard at work on the print directory and word is that it will be distributed soon. Thank you Teresa!
  • Connie Spencer, Vice Chair and Entertainment Chair, is coordinating our annual Kentucky Derby Party, always the first Saturday in May. Check the most recent blast for details about food, betting, special activities and contests. This is one of our favorite gatherings of the year. Thanks Paola High for agreeing to host!
  • Phoenix Games are also the first Saturday, so mark off the entire day and join your Royal Court for fun and friendly competition.

It is almost time to elect new members of the Ennead Board of Directors. Since the resignation of Board members Carol Wasielewski and Jim Sharpe in January of this year left an equal number of men and women as Directors, the current Board elected to complete their term without filling these vacancies. The Board has since voted to move forward in 2018 with an adjusted ten-member Board of Directors, considering that this number is an appropriate representation of the club membership (reference Article IV, Section 3 of the bylaws).

It really does take a village –  coordinated leadership as well as involvement by all Ennead members – to keep our Krewe strong so that we can all enjoy the opportunities for friendship and fellowship provided for us. I encourage you to consider contributing your time and talents in this important way. Just contact Teresa Turman, Chair of the Nominating Committee, and let her know you are interested.

 Approved By-Laws Change

The Ennead Board of Directors voted to approve the following changes to the By-Laws:
Delete Article 3, Section 3, Paragraph 1, the sentence –  which currently reads “Dues paid after January 31st will be assessed a penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25.00)”.

The net effect of this change will be to reflect the current strategy regarding late payment.  The penalty has not been assessed in recent years.


ENNEAD’s Kentucky Derby Party ….. Saturday, May 5

4:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m
Paola High’s home
3625 Oak Branch Cove 
Bartlett,  TN 38135 

Everyone needs to bring a drink of choice,
Ennead will provide ice, soft drinks and fried chicken.

The following activities will be provided

Betting board
Bourbon tasting if interested for $10.00
Awards for best dressed female & best dressed male.

Please reply to your Punchbowl invite so we can plan for how many will be coming soon!

For additional information contact Connie Spencer – Entertainment Chairman at  (901) 849-3506 or Email: cwspencer7@yahoo.com

Boll Weevil Party …… Saturday, May 12

The Boll Weevil Charity Foundation was created by the Secret Order of Boll Weevils. Originally formed in 1966 as a support group of Carnival Memphis (Cotton Carnival) the Secret Order of Boll Weevils has evolved into a community service outreach group. We visit hospitals, schools, special needs programs, retirement communities, and more – and no matter where we go, our mission remains the same: to share a moment of cheer, hope, and encouragement with those in need.

To learn more, visit their website at: 



Check the Events Calendar and your weekly blasts for Small Group Activites.



Returning Member: Jim Sharpe
Sponsor: Connie Spencer



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