2018 April Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
April 2018 Edition
: LaMora Simpson

What a wonderful day for a parade! St. Patrick’s Day was sunny and warm and our float was resplendent in green and gold, as were the Ennead members riding and walking alongside.
Thanks to our King David Kelley for arranging use of the Shrine’s float and providing Irish music and to all who joined in the festivities by decorating, participating, and providing food and drink for the occasion. Everyone was Irish on that day!
We are in the heart of Carnival Season, gearing up for Carnival Memphis’ major fundraising event of the year: Krewes for Kids on April 28. As we enjoy all the celebrations of the season, we want to keep in mind the three children’s charities we are supporting this year: Agape Child and Family Services, Inc.; Emmanuel Center; and Memphis Athletic Ministries. While the members of Ennead’s Royal Court are our primary representatives at these events, we are all welcome and encouraged to participate.
Phoenix Karaoke is April 7 at the Zaman Grotto in north Mississippi. Although none claim to be singers, your Royalty have been practicing at David Kelley’s studio and will be enthusiastically “Twistin’ the Night Away” at that event.
Many of us joined the casting call for Ptah’s annual Black Tie and Tennis Shoes fundraiser on April 14 and have spent the month planning and
rehearsing. Many many thanks to Carol Wasielewski and LaMora Simpson for their leadership and to Karen Mora for once again providing us with a practice venue. Come to both events and support your krewe!
March began with a lively happy hour at the Butcher Shop, quickly followed by Rummikub at the home of Mike Lanthier. Sally Gentry hosted this month’s wine party, Ladies gathered at Anne Manning’s, and Poker players brought their change to the home of LaMora Simpson and Charles Humphreys. The Dinner Group sampled the fare at Soul Fish, and Go Karters and Readers enjoyed their monthly gatherings. Bill McMurtray brought culture to our group by
organizing an outing to The Drowsy Chaperone at Theatre Memphis.
Ennead offers so many opportunities for fellowship each month – more than any other krewe.  Please reach out to our newer or less active members and encourage them to join us as we take advantage of the spring weather just around the corner. And invite your single friends to consider joining Ennead…the only krewe just for singles!

Proposed By-Laws Change

The Ennead Board of Directors voted to make the following proposal for changes to the By-Laws:
Delete Article 3, Section 3, Paragraph 1, the sentence –  which currently reads “Dues paid after January 31st will be assessed a penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25.00)”.

The net effect of this change will be to reflect the current strategy regarding late payment.  The penalty has not been assessed in recent years.


Phoenix Karaoke Competition …. Saturday, April 8
PTAH’s Black Tie – Tennis Shoe Ball …..  Saturday, April 14
Krewe’s for Kids …… Saturday, April 28th

ENNEAD’s Kentucky Derby Party ….. Saturday, May 5

Check the Events Calendar and your weekly blasts for details.


Check the Events Calendar and your weekly blasts for Small Group Activites.



Prospective Member: Jim Sharpe
Sponsor: Connie Spencer


New Member: Gail Merritt
Sponsor: John Flanigan
New Member: Harry Day
Sponsor: Vicky Carwell
New Member: Jeanne Boyd
Sponsor: Jim Frommel



4/2/2018: Original
4/10/2018: Updated New and Prospective Members
                    Added Kentucky Derby Party to Activities

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