2018 January Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
January 2018 Edition
: LaMora Simpson


Marty Alberg Chairman

How quickly 2017 has flown by! I hope your holidays were blessed by happy times with the special people in your lives. Ennead has provided many opportunities for fun and fellowship in December and, with Carnival season right around the corner, there are more to come!

We jump-started December with many activities during the first week including the Wine Party, hosted by John Goodyear, held on the first day of the month. A Christmas Concert at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts then put us all in the holiday spirit – thank you Bill McMurtray for gathering us together for this celebration. Rummikub players that week enjoyed not only the game, excellent food, and the company of friends but also Carol Wasielewski’s incredible Christmas decorations. Happy Hour revelers took advantage of the atmosphere and impressive bar at Highlander Pub in Collierville. It was a busy first week!

Monthly small groups continued with Book Club at Peggy Edwards’ home where The Christmas Train provided a discussion-worthy holiday tale. Dinner group met at Casablanca, a new Germantown Restaurant; and LaMora Simpson and Charles Humphreys hosted Poker, where players were treated to a selection of soup and stew that made the occasion seem like a second dinner group!

Sandra Cooper and Vickie Carwell were again hostesses for our Potluck Dinner, held at the home of Gaynette Price. We so appreciate members who open their homes so that we can gather our Ennead family around delicious food and enjoy the company of good friends.

Memphis may not have a white Christmas this year, but we in Ennead enjoyed our White Christmas Gala at the Racquet Club, thanks to Jimmy Humphreys. Connie Spencer, Entertainment Chair, was the Gala organizer who, assisted by Paola High, Camilla Wilson, and Carol Wasielewski, turned the venue into a winter wonderland. More than 100 members and guests feasted on salmon or chicken and lemon meringue or pecan pie (Thanks Don Davis for the excellent food selection!) and danced to the music of the Dantones. We always appreciate members who man the registration desk at these events – a special thank you to David Brockman, Peggy Edwards, and Jo Vail for their service that evening.

Carnival Season begins with our Coronation on Friday, January 19! If you haven’t yet marked your calendars and made plans to attend, do it today! We will say good-bye and thank you to our current King and Queen (Dottie Crihfield and Charles Humphreys) and their Royal Court and crown Queen Sahara XXVIII and King Ennead XXVIII who, with their Royal Court, will represent the Grand Krewe of Ennead in 2018. Please remember that 2018 dues are payable now and that admission to the Coronation is free to paid members.

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, let us be grateful for the many gifts in our lives. I am personally grateful for all who reach out in friendship and support and who work together to make our Krewe successful. I wish you joy in 2018.


The Ennead Board of Directors is making the following proposal for changes to the By-Laws:
Delete Article 3, Section 2, Paragraph 1, the last sentence –  which currently reads “The Board may approve an application of a former member without publication or delay if so recommended by the Membership Committee”.
The net effect of this change will be that all members,  including returning members, will go through the same vetting process.


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