2017-07 July Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
2017 Edition
: Peggy Fitzgerald

Richard Raichelson, Chairman

Beginning on June 2 and ending on the 9th, Carnival Week was loaded with events morning, noon, and night. Visits to Charities, luncheons, and Krewe clubrooms dominated the festivities. It all began on Friday, June 2, with Crown and Sceptre, an evening of formal white tie attire and pageantry. Carnival Care Day, held at the Church Health Crosstown Concourse, was the setting for the announcement that Carnival Memphis had generated $300,000 for Memphis charities, the highest ever. Ennead’s Clubroom, held in conjunction with Luxor, Ptah, and Sphinx, took place at the Great Hall in Germantown. Krewe members and their guests, totaling 206 people, enjoyed the atmosphere and the dance floor with Thump Daddy. Carnival Memphis ruled our lives for 6 months of the year. Now, we can rest up for the next round in 2018.

Following Carnival Week, Ennead’s regular monthly events began with Rummikub, switched from Bob Champion’s home to Vickie Carwell’s. That week also included Book Club at Peggy Edwards’ home for an extra month discussion of “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles, and Happy Hour at the top-rated downtown restaurant, McEwen’s. The Dinner Group, with 14 hungry enthusiasts, were at 148 North Main in Collierville. Patti Oliver hosted Poker Night this month with 10 players who munched on three pizzas. We thank Jere Gerard for hosting this month’s wine party at her beautiful home.

The Summer months also bring Ennead members to special events, such as Collierville on the Square. The concerts are free and take place on Thursday evenings. Look for a notice in a future blast. Ennead members usually gather at the southwest portion of the square.

Another special event took place at the Delta Blues Winery, owned by Jerry Michie. The Above the Garage Band played its debut on June 25 to an audience consisting mostly of members of the Krewes of Ennead and Luxor. The band includes Ennead members Dottie Crihfield, Julie Eaves, Richard Raichelson, and ex-member Bill Hunt.

This issue of the Newsletter also contains statements from those candidates running for the Board of Directors. Elections of the new board will take place at the Annual Business Meeting on August 5. Nominations may also be made at the business meeting by a petition of at least 20 members.

We wish Bob Kyle the best in recovering from his illness, and a quick return to the poker table. Happily, he improves day by day.

Best wishes,


The Ennead Board consists of six women and six men (12 members total). Each Board member is elected to serve a 2-year term. Every year, half of the Board members “roll off” leaving vacancies for three women and three men. Members remaining on the Board for the upcoming year are: Marty Alberg, Vickie Carwell, Peggy Fitzgerald, Steve Grushkin, and Jim Sharpe.

An election for six positions (3 women & 3 men) will be held on Saturday, August 5 at the Annual Business Meeting.  If you will not be available to attend, you may request an absentee ballot and one will be mailed or emailed to you so that you may cast your votes.  The completed ballot must be received by the Chairman or designated individual (as indicated on the ballot) no later than Wednesday prior to the Annual Business Meeting either via regular mail or by email.

In preparation for voting, please review the candidate bios listed below:


Paula DeStefanis
Born and raised in Memphis–first experience with Cotton Carnival was going to parades and the riverfront to see calliope as a child. At that time, there was a big parade down Main Street. Cotton Carnival (now Carnival Memphis) was exciting back in the day, and still fun now!

Currently serving on Ennead’s Membership Committee, I also assist with registration and decorating at various Ennead events. I was a participant in Ennead’s skit for the 2017 Black Tie & Tennis Shoes and have been involved in many other Carnival and Ennead activities.

I am a musician, I taught Suzuki Piano and started a Kindermusik business with 8 locations around the city. I also sing in the choir and am actively involved and serve on committees and boards at my church. I retired from my job, to become a nanny to my granddaughter when she was born (best job I ever had) and when she began PreK, I was asked to teach at her school on a part-time basis. Without hesitation I said YES!!!

I have a Masters degree from Memphis State University in General Counseling and Personnel Services and previously owned a career counseling business. I also have an insurance license.

I have been a counselor, music teacher, and legal assistant and served on several boards and as president in private organizations. I believe my varied skills, education and experience will be an asset to the Ennead Board and if elected, I will be honored to serve.

Connie Spencer
I, Connie Spencer am excited to have been asked to run for the Ennead board of directors. I would love the opportunity to serve & make a difference for the betterment of this great krewe.

In my professional career I manage about 3000 contingent workers for Nike. My management & organizational skills would be a great asset to the board.

Since joining Ennead I’ve been active in BTTS, served as your decorating chairperson & this year had the honor of representing Ennead as a 2017 Duchess. It has been a wonderful year.

Please vote for me, Connie Spencer, I appreciate your vote.
Thank you

Carol Wasielewski
I have been encouraged by many friends to run for a position on the Board of Ennead. I value the opportunity to serve an organization that has welcomed me since joining a couple years ago. Engagement in an organization is very important to me. Since joining I have participated by working on registration, attending wine parties, assisted in decorating for events, chaired catering and poker. I also had the opportunity to take on a leadership role directing the karaoke skit this year and assisting with the choreography for Black Tie Tennis Shoe. I Appreciate the opportunities Ennead has for the members and utilize these opportunities to gain new friendships.

I am originally from Massachusetts where I earned a BS from American International and an MBA from Western New England University. Fifteen years ago, my career brought me to Collierville where I currently reside with my four- legged child, a dog named Nutmeg. I have been employed by International Paper for 35 years in various financial roles. I have also had experience in the food and beverage industry, the grocery business and have owned and operated a successful clothing boutique. My work has also afforded me the opportunity to travel the US, Canada and Europe. My personal interests include travel, boating, golf, cultural arts and supporting charitable organizations. In addition to being a member of Ennead, I am also a member of STARS.

If I am elected, I will bring my leadership and engagement skills to the position in order to represent the members to strengthen the organizations future.

David Brockmann
I would be pleased to serve on the Ennead Board if elected. I have been an active member for many years and have served in many different roles. In 1991, I served on the Royal Court as Ennead’s very first Flagman. I was a Board member for two years in 1992-1993 and a Duke in 1995 and had the privilege of serving in that role more recently in 2016.

Over the years, I have attended many coronations and activities hosted by other Krewes and participated in Black Tie & Tennis Shoes skits, Karaoke, and St. Patrick’s Day parades while continuing to be involved in Ennead events. As a result, I believe I can bring a unique combination of experience, understanding, and insight to the Board and will work to assure that Ennead continues to grow as a Krewe.

Don Davis
I feel very honored to be asked to run for the Ennead board. I have been a member for nearly four years, and during this time have developed an interest in contributing to the organizational structure that supports Ennead’s goals and activities.

My professional background is in Law enforcement, beginning in Shelby County Government’s General Sessions Court. I then went to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, where I have been involved in almost every division. During this time, I worked for the Attorney General’s Office for a number of years in an Undercover capacity. At present, I am in the Detective Division as a fraud and financial crimes investigator.

I have been proud to represent Ennead as a Duke in the Royal Court, and believe the understanding of Carnival gained from this experience will enable me to better serve Ennead as a Board Member. I feel very strongly that every member of Ennead should have opportunity to express his or her opinions and that the Board has a responsibility to represent those viewpoints to the best of its ability. We all need to work hard to discover ways to improve our activities and to attract new members and to improve the krewe.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Randy West
I am honored to have been asked to run for the Ennead Board. I became a member of Ennead in November of 2015. Since that time, I have been very active by participating and assisting in many different Carnival and Ennead events such as Black Tie & Tennis Shoes skits, St. Patrick’s Day floats, Halloween parties and Ennead’s regular monthly activities.

This year, I had the privilege of serving as one of the Queen’s Royal Guards and gained a new insight into Carnival Season. Through these activities and owning my own business over the past several years, I have acquired the type of experience and understanding that I believe will be beneficial to the Ennead Board and to the Krewe.

If I am elected, I will make every effort to continue and support time-honored traditions as well as seek new ways to serve and grow the membership of the Grand Krewe of Ennead.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nominations from the Floor: Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting though such a nomination requires a petition signed by at least twenty (20) members of the Krewe.


Bill Ferguson
Sponsor:  Steve Grushkin


2                             Jo Litton Jackson

4                             Marty Alberg

11                           Vickie Carwell

18                           Lucy Ridley

20                           Paula DeStefanis

26                           Mary Vines

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