2017-06 June Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
2017 Edition
: Peggy Fitzgerald

Richard Raichelson, Chairman

Royalty parties ended this month with an up-scale event by the Queen Bees at a beautiful home in Cordova that required special skill to navigate its steep driveway. There was also the Sphinx “Night at the Movies” party where you were to dress as some kind of Hollywood star. Luxor had its “San Francisco Nights” outing downtown. Ennead held a well-attended party at Aintree Farms Clubhouse, with piano background by Steve Grushkin. If you were on a strict diet, you would have had to either forego it for these parties, or stay home. At each event, medallions were given out. This way, time could be saved at the Clubrooms. And now we are faced with Carnival Week, which begins June 2 with Crown and Sceptre.

Two events where we will not realize the outcome until later, were Phoenix Games and Ennead’s voting for the BTTS Joe Pierpoali Award. The various winners of the former will be announced June 6 at the Phoenix Clubroom. The Joe Pierpoali Award will be presented during Ennead’s Annual Business meeting in August.

Ennead’s normal monthly fanfare began with Rummikub at the home of Board secretary Paola High. The Book Club’s monthly title, “A Gentleman in Moscow,” had so much content to discuss, it will be continued in June. Dinner group had 11 sitting around the table at The Kitchen in Shelby Farms. Happy Hour poked its way from the 19th Century Club, to McEwens, ending up at 148 N. Main in Collierville. I was unable to make this one. Ladies Night at Napa Cafe is the last for the summer. Keep an eye open for its return this Fall. Poker, held at Vickie Carwell’s, had 10 dedicated players. Anne, Paula DeStefanis’ daughter, opened her huge and beautiful home for our monthly wine party. It was located off of the Collierville-Arlington Road.

We thank Jerry Michie for hosting our annual Kentucky Derby party. Lots of people were spread out on the golf course, the patio, and wherever there was an open spot. Don Harants lugged in the chicken and prepared a betting board that we hung on the patio. Duke Don Davis brought the bourbon for Queen Dottie Crihfield to prepare her special mint juleps. Art Dawson, Greg Maksi, and Steve Rossell judged the female attire and hats. This was not an easy one. Jean Oliver won the hat contest, while Jere Gerard came away with the dress trophy. Kathy Bacherig, Barbara Beem, and Diane Werve decided on the men’s attire. The winner was Tom Maslowski. Each of the winners received a trophy, as did the winner of the long shot betting horse, Deborah Beard. She left before the trophy was awarded, but we’ll get it to her.

The Kentucky Derby bourbon tasting was held in Jerry Michie’s upstairs pool room. John Goodyear, the organizer, gave each participant a Mardi Gras beaded necklace from which hung a 1 oz bottle of Jim Beam. John bought 5 different bourbons, including Blanton’s and Taylor, while he and LaMora Simpson brought the glasses. The bottles of bourbon and the glasses were spread over the green of the table. There were around 17 of us, including member Judith Johnstone (who is also the Phoenix Queen) who wondered why all of these drinkers weren’t playing pool. John raffled off the bottles, all of which had most of their liquid. It pleases me to report that I won the Blanton’s, a top notch bourbon. Barbara Baker won the Taylor’s.

If you have not picked up your Membership Directory, they are in the hands of Vice-Chair Marty Alberg. Keep in mind that the first Clubroom is Ramet’s Mini-Float competition on June 4. This is a good chance for us to all support Ennead. Check the blasts for other Clubrooms. Ennead’s, a joint affair with Luxor, Ptah, and Sphinx, will be on June 7. I’ll definitely see everyone there.

Finally, we wish all the best to John Goodyear, our Small Groups Chair, who spent a few days in the hospital.

Best wishes,


She is level-headed, opinionated, vocal and perseverant; some may even say she is a bit sassy! These qualities along with her generosity, passion and dedication have made her an exceptional member of Ennead since 2011. Over the last several years, LaMora has hosted numerous events at her home, managed the membership database, coordinated email Blasts, represented our Krewe as a 2015 Duchess, served multiple times as Director and participant for Black Tie & Tennis Shoes skits, coordinated Registration for major events, served on and chaired many committees, and currently is completing a two-year term on the Ennead Board of Directors.

We appreciate LaMora for all that she has given to Ennead over the past six years as a valued member of Ennead and look forward to her continued membership for many years. Let’s give a shout out to LaMora Simpson — Hip Hip Hooray!


2                   Sandra Cooper
2                   Dallas Moore
8                   Sandra Shinault
10                 Joe Chamoun
12                 Liza Monaghan
12                 LaMora Simpson
3                 Art Dawson
13                 Joe Newby

At their regularly scheduled meeting held on June 1, 2017, and in accordance with current By-Laws, the Ennead Board voted to approve an amendment to Article IV, Section 1 of the current By-Laws to be effective July 1, 2017.   The July 1, 2017 version of the By-Laws supersedes any other existing version whether printed or online.

Changes are reflected in the online version of the Ennead Bylaws (Rev. 7-1-2017) which members may access through the Members Only section of the Ennead website http://ennead.info

Election Information:  An election for new Board members is held each year at the Annual Business meeting in August where typically three men and three women are elected to replace six members who have completed their 2-year term.

Continuing Board Members:  Members continuing for upcoming year Marty Alberg, Vickie Carwell, Peggy Fitzgerald, Steve Grushkin, and Jim Sharpe If you have been a member for at least one year and are interested in running for the Ennead Board, please contact one of them.

Nominations from the Floor: Additionally, nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting though such a nomination requires a petition signed by at least twenty (20) members of the Krewe.

Nominee Photos and Bios:  Nominee photos and bios will be posted for review in the July 2017 newsletter.

Ennead Kentucky Derby Party 2017

Ladies Night at Napa Café – May 2017


Phoenix Games 2017

Ennead Royalty Party 2017