2017-05 May Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
2017 Edition
: Peggy Fitzgerald

Richard Raichelson, Chairman
First a correction. Bob Champion and Jim Sharpe were mostly responsible for building the St. Pat’s Day Float. We appreciate their thoughtful work.

Even though the coronation season is over, we now have royalty parties organized by each Krewe. This month Ptah, Phoenix, and Ramet hosted theirs. Flagman Bernie Krock won the first of three contests for Ennead this month at the Ramet Duchess Party. Each flagman dressed up as a Court Jester. The MC announced the winner as, “This crazy looking man,” while she pointed to her left in Bernie’s direction. He was outfitted by Dottie Crihfield and Connie Spencer.

During BTTS at the Al Chymia Shrine, Queen Dottie Crihfield and her Duchesses (Sally Gentry, Connie Spencer, and Teresa Turman) placed first in the ladies shoe contest. They wore green shoes in a Celtic style. Ennead placed second in the overall skit competition with “Fractured Fairy Tales.” Appreciation to LaMora Simpson and Carol Wasielewski for their management of the skit, and to Karen Mora for the generous use of her garage for our practices. For all who participated, Ennead is very thankful for your help.

John Goodyear hosted two tables at Game Night (Rummikub) this month and also organized the dinner at Brooks Pharm2 Fork in Collierville. The food was excellent. Eight were elbow to elbow around Don Harants’ dinner table for a night of poker. Paola High opened her house to Ladies’ Night, while Peggy Edwards continued with Book Club at her home. The book chosen was The Last Mile by David Baldacci. This is Baldacci’s second book about his unusual detective, Amos Decker, who recently joined an FBI task force.

Jim Sharpe arranged for Happy Hour at Napa Cafe. It ended with a comparison of Scotch whiskeys by David Kelley, while celebrants scattered to eat dinner at several restaurants. Ed Wallace acted as door man for the wine party held at the home of Barbara Baker, our beloved expert on orchids. It was slightly humid outside, but that did not deter people from hanging out. The food was quite good.

Krewes For Kids took place at the Crosstown Concourse, the old Sears building. The dress was Art Deco Glam. Pat McWilliams, Carol Wasielewski, and Dot West sold tickets for Ennead. There is no word as yet how well Carnival Memphis did for Children’s Charities with the live and silent auctions. With 130 or more bottles donated for the wine and champagne pull, the price was dropped from $20 to $10 per bottle late in the evening to sell everything. The Secret Order of the Boll Weevils ended the month with a party at the Riverfront Bar and Grill on Riverside Drive.

Hopefully, everyone will attend the Kentucky Derby Party on May 6 at Jerry Michie’s house. This has always been one of our best parties with various contests. Once again, there will be a bourbon tasting. This year the cost will be $10/person, payable to John Goodyear by May 3. John needs to know how many will be there, so he can supply an adequate number of bottles. There are only a handful of seats left. John will also coordinate the tasting. Undoubtedly, Vice Chair Marty Alberg will be there with the directories as she was at the wine party. If you don’t have yours, watch for her.

Finally, I am happy to report that both Liza Monaghan and Bill McMurtray are doing very well after their illness.

Best Wishes,

Randy West joined Ennead in November of 2015 and has quickly become one of our most active and involved members. Seeking balance in his membership, Randy works hard, plays hard, and personifies Ennead’s purpose through his energetic participation in social and fundraising activities and by volunteering to serve and represent Ennead in many different ways.
In the short time Randy has been a member of Ennead, he has helped build floats for annual St. Patrick’s Day parades and backdrops for Black Tie & Tennis Shoe skit competitions. He is always willing to help with party setup or cleanup and other tasks where needed. In 2017, he was selected to serve in a different way by representing Ennead as one of the queen’s Royal Guardsmen.
Randy attends many of Ennead’s monthly parties as well as other Krewe events where he brings a positive and fun attitude which is contagious. It is always fun to see what costume Randy will wear when the occasion calls for one.   For instance, in the 2016 Black Tie & Tennis Shoe skit competition, Randy looked very official in his “Love Boat” crew costume. When Ennead invited members to participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, Randy donned his Irish duds and joined in the fun despite the cold, rainy weather. He later attended Ennead’s Halloween Party in a Deadpool costume and let’s not forget the outstanding Game of Thrones costume he wore to fit the theme of the 2017 Phoenix Coronation. He also wore a 1920’s style bathing suite costume for Ennead’s performance of Under the Boardwalk in the Phoenix Karaoke competition where our Krewe won second place.
However, Randy’s best costuming event yet, may be when he dressed for his role as an evil leprechaun in the 2017 Black Tie & Tennis Shoe Fractured Fairytale skit where Ennead won the second-place trophy.
Thank you, Randy, for your enthusiastic participation in Ennead events and your willingness to serve in so many different ways to help Ennead continue to be an outstanding organization.
We salute you, Randy West. Hip Hip Hooray!



A proposal to change a portion of the current Ennead By-Laws was submitted to the Ennead Board of Directors on Thursday, April 6, 2017. Proposed changes are for Article IV, Section 1, (see details below). In accordance with Article XII Amendment of By-Laws, Paragraph 3, the proposed changes are being published in this newsletter and will also be announced via an e-mail Blast.

Current Wording for Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 2:
In the event any member knows in advance that he/she will be unable to attend the Annual Business Meeting, he/she may personally request an absentee ballot from the Chairman. The absentee ballot must be completed and mailed by the requesting member to the Krewe’s official mailing address, to be received no later than the Wednesday preceding the Annual Business Meeting.

Proposed Wording Change for Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 2:
In the event any member knows in advance that he/she will be unable to attend the Annual Business Meeting, he/she may submit their vote in writing and mail it to the Krewe’s official mailing address, to be received no later than the Wednesday preceding the Annual Business Meeting.
Proposed Additional Paragraph to become Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 3:
A vote may also be submitted by email or other commonly accepted electronic means from an address that is on file with Krewe records, either appearing on the member’s application or published in the Membership Directory. Electronic submissions also must be received by the Wednesday prior to the Annual Business Meeting and may be submitted to the Board Chairman or a designee of the Board Chairman. The electronic address to submit this type of vote will be clearly published in Krewe newsletters, blasts, or other communications concerning the upcoming Annual Business Meeting.

If approved, this amendment will be effective on July 1, 2017. Comments may be sent to the Board Secretary, Paola High, at pqhigh@gmail.com.

Congratulations to Ennead’s BTTS  Participants!

Ennead members had a great time in April participating in PTAH’s 2017 Black Tie and Tennis Shoes activities. Our very own Queen Dottie Crihfield, Duchesses Sally Gentry, Connie Spencer and Teresa Turman took 1st place in the Tennis Shoe competition with their Celtic-themed green shoes.

Our Krewe performed the very entertaining skit –  Fractured Fairy Tales, “What Might Have Been”. Rehearsals were challenging but fun and sometimes a little hysterical.  How could it be any other way?  There were sharks circling; cars with drivers, pedestrians and a policeman trying to create a believable city scene; a chorus line trying to stay in sync, and a fairy being chased by a leprechaun just after she had granted wishes of “what might have been”  for the leading lady.

But everyone’s hard work paid off with a 2nd place win.  Thanks to our amazing Director, LaMora Simpson and our fantastic Choreographer, Carol Wasielewski who offered their many talents and worked so diligently to put this fun story together.  Much appreciation goes to the behind-the-scenes crew who painted and/or built the beautiful scenery and helped in so many other ways:  Bob Champion, Jere Gerard, Steve Grushkin, David Kelley, Anne Manning, Carol Mardix, Carol McCourt and LaMora Simpson and Bob Kyle who managed the spotlight for our performance. And finally, a special thank you to Karen Mora who so generously allowed us to practice at her house those many nights and occasional weekends.

Cast members:  Marty Alberg, Joe Cianciolo, Dottie Crihfield, Don Davis, Paula DeStefanis, Peggy Fitzgerald, Jim Frommel, John Goodyear, Don Harants, Charles Humphreys, Bernie Krock, Tom Maslowski, Pat McWilliams, Jerry Michie, Karen Mora, Patti Oliver, Richard Raichelson, Lucy Ridley, Jim Sharp, LaMora Simpson, Connie Spencer,Teresa Turman, Mary Vines, Carol Wasielewski, Dot West, and Randy West.

Participation in the BTTS tennis shoe and skit competitions represents one of many ways Krewe members can come together and get to know each other in a fun way.  If you weren’t available to participate this year, be sure to watch for next year’s Casting Call.  Also, if you missed the performance, you can view the video on The Grand Krewe of Ennead’s Facebook page or at YouTube.com.

Krewes for Kids was a spectacular event and a huge success as a fundraiser for the Children’s Charities Initiative.  Thank you to all Enneadeans who contributed in many different ways:  selling tickets, donating wine and/or champagne,  helping with setup, decorations, bidding on items for the silent and live auction and attending the event and having fun! A special shout out to Pat McWilliams and Ellen Patrick for working a shift at the registration desk and to Tayloe Nickey who took a turn working the Wine Pull table.

Pat McWilliams collected $245 in cash at the Ennead wine parties.  She increased the amount we donated to Krewes for Kids by using the money to buy a YETI cooler and several YETI products that sold at auction for $340.  She also used part of the funds to donate two bottles of wine for the wine pull.

Thank you to all who donated at the wine parties and to Pat for making this opportunity available!  Well done, Ennead!

The Boll Weevil Party was a fun event and a special night for our own Carolyn Mayo who was presented with the coveted “Deer Butt” award for her continued support of the Boll Weevils.  Also, watch for Carolyn at next year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade where she will again be riding the Boll Weevils bus as a result of being the highest bidder for this cherished activity.  Congratulations, Carolyn.


6   Camilla Wilson
9 Greg Maksi
12  Dot West
24  Marta Vinzant
25  Mary Pat Custer
26  Becky Burks
28  Steve Grushkin
31  Bernie Krock