2017-03 March Newsletter

Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
March 2017 Edition
:  Peggy Fitzgerald

Queen: Dottie Crihfield
King: Charles Humphreys
Duchesses (l-r): Connie Spencer, Teresa Turman, Sally Gentry
Dukes:(l-r): Ed Wallace, Jim Sharpe, Don Davis
Royal Flagman:  Bernie Krock
Chairman:  Richard Raichelson

January and February have given us most of the Coronations. We are left with only two more. Each of the Coronations have had pre-parties, where members gather at someone’s home before the Coronation. Several hosts need to be thanked: Camilla Wilson (Ptah), Barbara Baker (RaMet), Carol McCourt (Sphinx), and King Charles Humphries (Luxor). If you are going to the Coronation, come to the pre-party. They are well worth the effort.
The dinner at Char was attended by 15 people. Reports were that the food was fabulous. Char sits on Highland and is part of the Loeb renovation plan for that area. Ladies Night found their utensils at Las Delicias on Quince. Happy Hour was at Bonefish Grill, Carriage Crossing, Collierville. The wine party at Mary Vines’ home was once again well attended with about 50 members plus guests. The food was excellent fortified by gumbo, shrimp, ham sandwiches, as well as a variety of desserts. The members who schedule these events each month are John Goodyear, Sally Gentry, Jim Sharpe, and Liza Monaghan. By the way, Liza asked for people to open their doors to wine parties. Give her a call if you can help out.
Each month Peggy Edwards hosts the Book Club at her home. The book chosen was “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is a drama set in Columbia around the turn of the last century. The author viewed lovesickness as an illness very similar to the disease cholera, which has fits of passion and rage.
Super Bowl at Karen Mora’s ranch was attended by many enthusiasts for this come-from-behind game. Bill McMurtray handled the betting board and the money. The big winners of the evening were Bob Laurie, Tom Maslowski, Sandra Shinault, and Dot West. Barbara Beem hosted three tables of Rummikub, while Jim Sharpe had 11 poker players, well supplied by pork tenderloin and chili. Each month there is a tea dance at the Al Chymia Shrine Temple, where you will find other Ennead dancers and have a chance to meet new people.
A special joint party between Ennead and Phoenix took place at the home of Sean Bonner, the Phoenix King, and Duchess Tara Bodansky in Arlington. Since the Phoenix theme for their coronation on March 4 will be Game of Thrones, Judith Johnstone, Ennead member and Phoenix Queen, arranged a viewing of the popular TV series. Please sign-up for this Coronation through the punchbowl invitation.
A Black Tie and Tennis (BTTS) casting call was held at LaMora Simpson’s home. She and Ann Manning will be the principle coordinators, with Carol Wasielewski being the choreographer. This year, there will be less emphasis on single or double acts, more on groups. There is always a need for people to work behind the scenes, such as painting the backdrops and as stage hands. Keep your eye peeled for scheduling of practice sessions. This is an absolutely wonderful way to get to know friends in Ennead and participate in a popular event across all Krewes. Ptah’s BTTS will be held April 8 at the Al Chymia Shrine Temple.
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  • NEWSLETTER/EVENTS CALENDAR:  The Ennead Newsletter will no longer include the Events Calendar or event details.  This information is now included on the Welcome page of the Ennead website and also is available as a menu selection on the webpage.  Also, continue to watch for details in the regular email Blasts.  The Newsletter will include Chairman’s Comments, New Members & Prospective Members, Birthdays, Special Announcements and occasionally photos will be added. We may add a “Spotlight” story about a specific member from time to time.  If there is information you would like to include in the monthly newsletter, please send it to Peggy Fitzgerald at peggy@memphis.edu.
  • BLACK TIE AND TENNIS SHOES (BTTS) UPDATE:  There is still time to get in on the action! If you were not able to attend the Casting Call, read the latest email BLAST for another opportunity to hear about the skit and find your perfect place to contribute!
    Note for ALL members:  Please remember that our skit will have the biggest impact if it is a “surprise” to the audience. Please do not discuss the story, props, or any other aspect of the skit with anyone outside our Krewe.
  • PUNCH BOWL INVITATIONS:  Check your email regularly for Punch Bowl invitations to various events and be sure to RSVP so that event planners can get an accurate headcount for each event.  Also, be sure to read the Punch Bowl invitation closely and RSVP for additional items such as pre-parties.  If you need help, contact the Punch Bowl Coordinator, Dottie Crihfield, lovelylawnlady@gmail.com

Ennead fun at 2017 Phoenix Coronation and Pre-Party: