2017-04 April Newsletter


Ennead’s Monthly Newsletter
April 2017 Edition
:  Peggy Fitzgerald

Phoenix and Ptolemy ended the coronation season at the Crescent Center and University Club, respectively. Jere Gerard hosted the Phoenix pre-party that seemed like a gathering of Ennead cast members for Game of Thrones. The costumes were incredibly good and outshone even the most adventuresome at the coronation. We were there in large numbers to celebrate Queen Judith Johnstone of Phoenix, who is also a member of Ennead. Before the Ptolemy coronation, we first gathered at Queen Dottie Crihfield’s home for the pre-party. There were at least two dozen of us at the coronation, squeezed into several tables near the bandstand.

The month began with 15 members gathering for dinner at the Majestic before attending a showing of Beautiful, about Carole King, at the Orpheum. This was the final entry for the Cultural Arts Group organized by Stacey Montgomery. The jazz concert at the public library this month was planned by Camilla Wilson.  Jim Sharpe organized Happy Hour in Overton Square at the Bayou Grill. We were concentrated in the old Le Chardonnay side of the restaurant. This month’s Rummikub had two tables of contenders at the home of Paula DeStefanis, while ten of us ventured to King Charles Humphrey’s abode to play poker. The white chili he made was delicious. The Book Club, as usual, met at Peggy Edwards’ home for a reading of John Grisham’s, The Whistler. This is his 29th novel, first published in 2016. It’s focus is the Florida legal system and a corrupt judge.

Duchess Sally Gentry was doing double duty this month. She hosted Ladies Night at her home, as well as the wine party. The latter took place on St. Patrick’s Day with most of the crowd bedecked in green. Each party-goer was given a small shamrock to stick on their cheek. And speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, our float was decorated at Bob Champion’s business office. Steve Grushkin and others were in charge. Floats gathered on Beale Street on a very chilly day before the parade. Unknown to everyone, a memorial service was taking place in the Beale Street Baptist Church. They kindly allowed some of our participants to use their restrooms.

The Queen Bees held their annual event at Sheffield’s Antique Mall in Collierville. Yours truly provided an hour’s worth of walk-in piano. Past Ennead Queens filled a table with an assortment of sandwiches to satisfy anyone’s needs.
Phoenix Karaoke, held at the Starlight Event Center, was memorable in that we were awarded the second place group trophy. Queen Dottie Crihfield, King Charles Humphreys, and their company of Royalty were marvelous with their rendition of Under the Boardwalk. The group looked stunning in pre-World War I beach/boardwalk dress. I am still blinded by our King’s red candy striped coat.

Practices for BTTS have been going on all month, overseen by Lamora Simpson and Carol Wasielewski. A crowd of members have been painting backdrops and working to ensure that Ennead will do well in the contest at the Al Chymia Shrine Temple on April 8. Huge thanks to Karen Mora for providing the practice space. You can do your part by being part of the festivities and cheering on Ennead to first place.
Be Well,



A proposal to change a portion of the current Ennead By-Laws was submitted to the Ennead Board of Directors on Thursday, April 6, 2017.  Proposed changes are for Article IV, Section 1, (see details below). In accordance with Article XII Amendment of By-Laws, Paragraph 3, the proposed changes are being published in this newsletter and will also be announced via an e-mail Blast.

Current Wording for Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 2:
In the event any member knows in advance that he/she will be unable to attend the Annual Business Meeting, he/she may personally request an absentee ballot from the Chairman.  The absentee ballot must be completed and mailed by the requesting member to the Krewe’s official mailing address, to be received no later than the Wednesday preceding the Annual Business Meeting.

Proposed Wording Change for Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 2:
In the event any member knows in advance that he/she will be unable to attend the Annual Business Meeting, he/she may submit their vote in writing and mail it to the Krewe’s official mailing address, to be received no later than the Wednesday preceding the Annual Business Meeting.
Proposed Additional Paragraph to become Article IV, Section 1, Paragraph 3:
A vote may also be submitted by email or other commonly accepted electronic means from an address that is on file with Krewe records, either appearing on the member’s application or published in the Membership Directory.  Electronic submissions also must be received by the Wednesday prior to the Annual Business Meeting and may be submitted to the Board Chairman or a designee of the Board Chairman.  The electronic address to submit this type of vote will be clearly published in Krewe newsletters, blasts, or other communications concerning the upcoming Annual Business Meeting.

If approved, this amendment will be effective on July 1, 2017. Comments may be sent to the Board Secretary, Paola High, at pqhigh@gmail.com.


Marta joined the Grand Krewe of Ennead in April 1999 and quickly grew to become one of our most valuable members. As a new member, she immediately became active by participating in Ennead events and activities as well as those sponsored by other Krewes and Carnival Memphis. In addition to her active participation, she helped to plan and organize events; assisted in setup and decorations for these occasions; created an Ennead website, and held positions on several committees as well as too many more activities to list here. She completed three 2-year terms on the Board of Directors serving as Secretary, Vice Chairman and Chairman. Marta became an Ennead Duchess in 2002 and in 2011 was selected to represent The Grand Krewe of Ennead as Queen Sahara XXI.

In 2017, Marta continues to participate in Ennead events, serve on committees, and create the annual Membership Directory. She is an exemplary member and serves as a role model for newer members. Let’s give a shout out to say thank you and to honor one of our many long-time members, Marta Vinzant. Hip Hip Hooray!

Alicia Edmonds
Sponsor: Diane Werve

Please be sure to welcome Alicia and help her get to know more about Ennead and its members!


Though Coronations are over and all the 2017 Royal Courts have been presented and celebrated, Carnival Season is still in full swing. Coming up soon will be Krewes for Kids and the Crown & Septre Coronation Ball which signals the end of Carnival Season is near.  But the season isn’t officially over until each Krewe has held their final celebration with a special party known simply as Clubroom.  Watch for email blasts with details about each and be sure to RSVP to any Punch Bowl invitations.

Krewes for Kids is the largest fundraiser for the Children’s Charities Initiative. Carnival Memphis began hosting this event in April 2009 with a silent auction, live auction, music, and food from local restaurants. Since its inception, the Children’s Charities Initiative has raised over $2.2 million for local children’s charities in the Mid-South.

The 2017 Krewes for Kids is expected to be the best ever and is scheduled for April 22nd at the newly renovated Crosstown Concourse. You can buy tickets from fellow Ennead members Pat McWilliams, Carol Wasielewski, or Dot West or buy them online at http://carnivalmemphis.org/product/kfk-general-admission-ticket/  If you purchase online, be sure to select Ennead in the Krewe Membership box. Buy your tickets now and come out to help this year’s children’s charities:

Church Health (formerly Church Health Center). The primary aim of Church Health is to integrate faith and health into accessible, comprehensive, high-quality services to serve more and serve better and improve the health of our community. In September 1987, Dr. Scott Morris and one nurse saw 12 patients — since then Church Health has grown to handle more than 44,000 patient visits at its clinic each year.

The Erika Center at Bodine School. Bodine School is an independent school just minutes outside of Memphis, TN, for students in grades 1-6 who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or similar difficulties with reading. Students come to Bodine School because they display an unexpected difficulty learning to read, write, and spell. The Erika Center is a bridge between the life-changing work of Bodine School’s Germantown campus and the tens of thousands of young people in Shelby County desperate for its help.

Knowledge Quest. Often referred to as simply KQ, this organization began operations in 1998 serving as a community social change agent in South Memphis. Their mission is to vigorously equip youth to maximize their potential through intellectual and character development.

CARNIVAL WEEK (June 2-9, 2017)
Carnival Week marks the end of Carnival Season. The week begins with the Crown & Sceptre Coronation Ball on Friday, June 2 and ends with the Osiris Clubroom on Friday, June 9.

As part of the end of season celebration, Krewes have parties referred to as Clubroom. While some Krewes host their own party, Ennead has joined with Luxor, Ptah and Sphinx to have one big Clubroom event on Wednesday, June 7. Remember Ennead Clubroom is free to Ennead members so mark your calendar and watch for details in a Blast. Also, check the Ennead Events calendar at http://ennead.info/ for this and other Ennead events and monthly activities.

COMING SOON! The 2017 Ennead Membership Directory is almost completed and will go to print soon.  Watch for a Blast indicating when they are ready and how you can get your copy.  Every Ennead member should receive one but you must pick it up.