2017-02 February Newsletter

Editor: Peggy Fitzgerald, peggy@memphis.edu

Yes, it creeps around corners, hitting without consideration for any poor soul who wanders by. This month it slammed half of our royalty, a number of our members, and your poor chairman. Take your pick. It could be a cold, the flu, digestive problems, or bronchitis. John Goodyear, Small Groups Chair, had something different that required antibiotics, rest, and dietary restrictions. His began New Year’s Eve and continued, unfortunately, through our Coronation. But he is much better, and looks like his old self again.

And speaking of our Coronation, it was a superb affair. It all began on January 2nd with an invitation party hosted by Ellen Patrick. Mary Vines, Registration Chair, reported that there were 277 in attendance, including 96 Ennead members, 103 paid guests, and 78 comps. Barbara Baker was the coordinator who advised the royalty and rehearsed them on the 19th. Lamora Simpson finalized arrangements with the hotel and the band named, “Even Odds.” The decorations were very sharp with each place setting sporting an Irish wine charm. Green dotted lights pulsated about the room to underscore the feel of a Celtic Garden Party. The Coronation began with a pre-party on the 2nd floor for all past Ennead royalty. Barbara Baker and Jerry Michie took charge of the proceedings.

Barbara Baker and I took turns reading a script to introduce Ennead past royalty, the royalty from other Krewes, dignitaries, and city officials, under a spotlight operated by Don Dodson. The real prize was the entrance of bagpiper J. Stephen Sanders, followed by Flagman Bernie Krock, Dukes Don Davis, Jim Sharpe, and Ed Wallace, and Duchesses Sally Gentry, Connie Spencer, and Teresa Turman. Then Queen Dottie Crihfield entered with her guards, Jerry Michie and Randy West, arm in arm with King Charles Humphreys, bedecked in a killer kilt. After a suitable toast, Queen Dottie and King Charles showed everyone an Irish Folk Dance. A very nice affair that officially ended the next day with a brunch at Celtic Crossing.

The Coronation did not replace our monthly events. Peggy Edwards hosted Book Club, as well as 11 for Rummikub. The book, chosen by Charles Cox, was “Highest Duty.” Dinner was at the Tannoor Grill in Germantown. It was BYOB at this all you can eat Mediterranean steakhouse. Sally Gentry’s Ladies’ Night was at Owen Brennan’s. Vicki Carwell once again hosted Poker. Due to illness, we only had two tables. However, Happy Hour at the Forest Hill Grill was packed with members standing elbow to elbow. Several stayed for dinner. The Wine Party at Lamora’s was crowded. We saluted our King and Queen, and after Steve Grushkin read the January birthdays, two cakes were presented. One was for those born in January, and the other specifically for Queen Dottie, as her birthday was on the 27th. We all serenaded her with Happy Birthday.

There were special events in January. Pat McWilliams hosted a Medallion Party for the current and last year’s Royalty. Paula Wyatt once again opened her doors for all to watch the NCAA championship football game. Bernie Krock was instrumental in bringing together a team of eight members to participate in RaMet’s Trivia contest that included a taping of Ed Galfsky to the wall for the sake of Children’s Charities.

Finally, all of our best regards go to Jim Browning who returned this week from Florida to have back surgery. We all wish him a fast recovery.
Stay Well,