2017-01 January Newsletter

 To attend Ennead events, you must be a current member or accompanied by a current member unless otherwise indicated.

Newsletter Editor: Peggy Fitzgerald

The Christmas Gala, held at the Racquet Club, was excellent. Connie Spencer and her crew lit up each table with spiraling centerpiece lights and glitter. Thanks goes to the Entertainment Committee chaired by Vicki Carwell, and to the talents of Carol Wasielewski. The food was good and many dancers enjoyed the music by Natchez. Jimmy Humphreys, one of our Racquet Club members, paved the way for the event. As usual, several of us helped to pack up the decorations in Connie’s van to be stored away for another day.
 Ennead needs to build an addition to the home of Pat McWilliams. The Christmas potluck gathering was once again a wonderfully crowded affair, with a wide selection of food and beverage, as well as conversation. The wine party, hosted by Carol McCourt, also had a good turnout, as did the Happy Hour booked by Jim Sharpe at Cafe Ole in Cooper Young.
On Sunday, December 4th, Stacey Montgomery’s Cultural Arts group joined ranks to see Scrooge and company in Theater Memphis’ newest production of A Christmas Carol. That evening a few of us ventured out to see Hacksaw Ridge at the Paradiso, organized by Yvonne Fournier. It is not for the squeamish. One needed to focus on the convictions of the main character, not on the field of dead. He was a conscientious objector who saved 75 souls on the ridge as a battlefield medic.
 Rummikub had three tables set up at Vicki Carwell’s home. Poker had fourteen in attendance at Carol Wasielewski’s. Thirteen joined organizer John Goodyear at Ciao Bella for dinner. December’s Book Club, hosted by Peggy Edwards, read The Stupidest Angel. She was challenged by the Avenging Angel and a convoy of zombies. Interesting combination of characters. Sally Gentry’s Ladies’ Night was at Char on S. Highland on the December 29th.
 It appears that our various small groups are attracting the attention of the membership. This is a good sign that Ennead is traveling in the right direction.
 It is with great sadness that we end the year with the passing of Rhitt Fraser. Rhitt was a duke in 2005, and quite a good dancer. In his private life, he was educated as a civil engineer, owned Justine’s restaurant, and was a dealer in antiques, among other things. Ennead knew him from Rhitt’s on Rex, used by us for several parties, including our recent Halloween event. Rhitt came dressed in his usual prisoner outfit. He also opened his doors for our BTTS practices. We celebrate his passing with fond memories and good thoughts.
 Time does not predict the passing of friends, nor does it mark the passage to a new month or year, let alone to a new century. It’s left for us to ring bells, blow horns, and make toasts. I hope that all of you do so, loud and clear for 2017, until we run through it again in another 12 months.
Have a safe and Happy New Year.