Our 2016 Royal Court

2016 Royal Court

Top Row (left to right): Flagman Stacey Montgomery; Chairman Dottie Crihfield; Duke Steve Grushkin; Queen Pat McWilliams; King Alan Barfield; Duke Jim Frommel; Duke Alan Barfield; Duke David Brockmann; Bottom Row: (left to right) Page Dunlap; Duchess Paola High; Duchess Camilla Wilson; Duchess Peggy Fitzgerald; Page Dunlap

Ennead's Mission

The object of this organization shall be to establish and maintain an association for the social enjoyment of its members, to participate in activities concerning Carnival Memphis along with endeavors of its own creation, and to promote education and charitable works in the community.  In other words...

Party with a Purpose!

Ennead is active year round with a variety of monthly gatherings designed to appeal to a wide range of interests of our members. For more information about our organization, click on About Us.
Ennead supports all Carnival Memphis festivities beginning with the coronation of our King and Queen and the Royal Court. We encourage attendance at other Grand Krewe coronations and fundraisers, participating in the Carnival Parade and our Clubroom during the June celebration.  The current Carnival Memphis Calendar will let you know where to be and when.