The 2017 Royal Court welcomes you to the Grand Krewe of Ennead website.

Ennead’s purpose is to provide a social platform for the enjoyment of its members.  On this website, you will learn more about our organization and activities  and why we Party with a Purpose!

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Ennead as a Social Organization:  Ennead is a private social organization exclusively for singles and is active all year long with at least one party or event for members each month.   Additionally, there are monthly small group (interest area) activities that appeal to the wide range of interests of our members including dinner group, wine party, book club, poker night, cultural arts events, ladies night, movie night, game night, seasonal “potluck” dinners, and others. Small group activities and events are open to members only.  

Ennead has several major parties a year which are held at large venues and open to Ennead members, other Krewes and invited guests.  Smaller parties such as Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Pool Party and others are held at members’ homes throughout the year and are typically for Ennead members only.

Ennead as a Charitable Organization:  During Carnival Season, Ennead, along with the other Krewes, participates in parties, events and activities that serve as fundraisers for the Children’s Charities Initiative (CCI). The Children’s Charities Initiative assists those who improve the quality of life for children of all ethnic and social backgrounds in Memphis and the Mid-South, and helps spread the spirit of Carnival throughout the community.  Each year, different agencies are selected to receive monies raised by Carnival and the Grand Krewes at various fundraisers throughout the year.  Since the inception of the CCI over $2,000,000 has been donated to local children’s charities.

To learn more about the Children’s Charities Initiative or to donate, click this link: Children’s Charities Initiative

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